Win the world as an entrepreneur

TIPSGLOBAL fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that businesses rely on to stay competitive in this highly dynamic

economy. Entrepreneurship no longer refers only to the establishment of a new business – it is a generally

applicable skill, which is instrumental in the continued growth of any business. It is the relentless pursuit of

opportunity to generate value. Entrepreneurial skills are therefore an asset to both business owners and

managers at established businesses that operate on an entrepreneurial model.

Growing businesses need to adapt to environmental and technological changes. The Entrepreneurial exposure

at TIPSGLOBAL will prepare students for the challenges of establishing and growing a business in today’s

dynamic climate. This program will develop their key knowledge and skills around new venture creation,

providing them with the framework and skills they need to become an entrepreneurial leader and manager in

any organizational setting. By the time of graduation, students will have developed key capabilities in areas

of new products and service development alongside small and family businesses management.