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THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE, Coimbatore, a unit of The Indian Public School (TIPS) chain offers Integrated Dual Degree Programs in Entrepreneurship. Imparting an unprecedented combination of Domain Expertise and Business Acumen, these 5-Year Programs are designed for +2 graduates or equivalent. All programs result in Dual Degrees directly after grade 12 – Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Master of Science in a core domain, which can be Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Building Design or Fashion Design.

THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE offers Bharathiar University Degree courses through the University’s ingenious Participatory Program that provides flexibility for industry participation to be augmented to the regular offering of classes. The TIPSGLOBAL Institute is an approved Center for Participatory Program (CPP No. TN12I171).

TIPSGLOBAL offers degrees in technical entrepreneurship, management, fashion design, building and interior design, finance and healthcare. The list of degrees that TIPSGLOBAL is approved to offer can be found in the following link.

* Bharathiar University Partner Institutions

TIPSGLOBAL has chosen this option of Bharathiar University to provide the much-needed industry exposure to graduates to enhance their employability. Several Experiential learning activities including guest sessions with industry experts, field visits in every subject area, Do-It-Yourself projects, business plan development and multiple internships are part of the offering.


THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE has partnerships with Bharathiar University and other universities abroad to impart the desired set of competencies through multiple degrees.

Bharathiar University: THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE is an approved partner institution of Bharathiar University. As per University regulations, all the UG and the PG degrees offered through the this program have been recognized for the purpose of employment to posts and services under the Central Government as well as under the state government. In addition, the PG degrees are eligible for pursuing PhD programs in India.

University of Pasadena, USA: THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE has partnered with University of Pasadena USA, which offers online degree programs in various areas to enable students to concurrently enroll in those programs to get additional competencies to become multi-disciplinary. TIPSGLOBAL has necessary approvals from University of Pasadena to enable students to transfer a part of their course work and projects they do at TIPSGLOBAL to earn credits at University of Pasadena as per their transfer policies, thereby reducing the work load which they would have to face otherwise when pursuing additional degree programs.

Xavier University School of Medicine, ARUBA: The TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE has partnered with XAVIER university to enable students completing the Bharathiar University Bachelor’s program in Human Biology to pursue the MD at program XAVIER University ARUBA. Students travel to ARUBA and then onto USA to complete their M.D Degree.


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