Art and Design workshop on 6 Oct

Mr. Raviraj is the principal of the Raviraj Institute for Art and Culture handled the most interesting Art and Design workshop. He explained the process of creating a work of art starts with nothing, a blank canvas. A work of art stems from a view or opinion of feeling that the artist holds within himself. Students felt thrilled to learn the trick of trade from Mr. Raviraj, a recipient of various national and state awards for his contribution in art and an author of art books. Initially in this workshop, he started sketching a few images. He first taught us to how to hold a pencil. He drew a few images; he started with facial features like eyes, nose, ears, and lips. We were allowed to ask his doubts to help us in the drawing. Then he taught how to sketch a face by using certain methods like scale and proportion. He helped each and every student in the workshop while drawing. As we proceeded to draw we asked him certain doubts and he clarified it. He taught us how to sketch a human figure and then he conducted a small competition and he said that the best 3 sketches will be awarded books as prizes. His assistant gave each and every student a paper with an image of a model, he gave us 20 minutes and instructed us to draw the model. While in the completion stage, he viewed each and every sketch and gave us his feedback and also told us to make corrections, so that we would not commit that mistake again. While viewing my sketch, he said that my sketch was good and also told me that I could also improve a lot and he gave me a pencil. Finally, prizes were distributed for the good sketches. This workshop was an unforgettable experience for many because such a great artist took the time out to view my drawing and give me his encouragement. How many take the time out to encourage students and bring out the best in them.