Architect Yasin

THE TIPSGLOBAL Institute Provides its students an opportunity to live, study and thrive in the next generation knowledge hub for global education in India. Located in the serene and peaceful city of Coimbatore, Tips has managed to give its students a whole mixture of things, including quality of life, employment prospects and of course quality international Education, thereby evolving as an eminent international institution in India.
Integrated Entrepreneurship and interior Design Program , a 5 Year course was an interesting course to hear about having known the dynamics of both Entrepreneurship and Interior design.
We, 4th dimensions creations Pvt. Ltd., had two interns B.Divya Vikraha and R.A. Sachin Gowtham from THE TIPSGLOBAL iIstitute working with us from 5th July 2017 to 8th August 2017. During the above mentioned training period all necessary details for development of their skills and knowledge has been shared from our end, we hope their approach towards design and profound interest in Interior design has grown. We assure you that they are capable of managing things professionally, as they have learnt to become more responsible.

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4th Dimensions Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Architect Yasin