Entrepreneurship & Building Design

The TIPSGLOBAL's 5-Year Integrated Dual Degree Program for Entrepreneurship in Building Design focuses on the creative and business aspects of this exciting industry. This program strives to develop 'practice ready' graduates combining creativity, critical thinking and practical knowledge through a rigorous curriculum structured to facilitate development of a diverse portfolio. The curriculum for this program includes two components - The Design Component and the Management Component

The studio based Design curriculum component encompasses Design thinking, Design process, Principles & Tools, materials and technology. User and Site analysis. Sustainable practices. Communication, Visualization and Model making skills, Analysis and Reflection.

The Management component, includes business and management courses such as Project management. Entrepreneurship, Accounting,Finance and Business Ethics as part of a comprehensive education. This enables our graduates to ensure efficient management and execution of the design by optimizing cost and time, and maintaining effective communication with the stakeholders of the project.

The objective of this program is not only to prepare students to enter the multifaceted field of interior & building design, but also to become contributing members of a global market with a spirit of service and commitment to sustainable design practices.

A challenging course work replete with theory, research and practice, the curriculum makes full use of visualization tools, community & industry interactions and professional seminars to provide an enriching experience for students.

Entrepreneurship & Building Design


M.Sc (Integrated) in Interior and Building Design from Bharathiar University

M.B.A in Entrepreneurship from University of Pasadena, USA