Diwali celebration at the United Orphanage, Saravanampatty, Coimbatore for the disabled on 4 Nov

The students of THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE were taken to The United Orphanage for the disabled located at Saravanampatty as a part of community service. There were about 60 people who were mentally retarded. We were told that they sometimes shout and lose control at most of the times. Those people are really taken care well by the nurses and other people there. They undergo training, treatment and they are taught to do Yoga for their health to be good. Some of them were asked to do something for us. Many people sang songs and some people talked something for a few minutes. Then, we sang songs and performed dances for them to enjoy. Serving the orphanages and old age homes is a part of social services. People who run an orphanage are really great. It is always great to visit such places to get a mental satisfaction by making them happy. All that we can do is making them happy by visiting and talking to them. It is also good to donate money for the benefit of such people. A certain ratio of our profit can be allocated for donation. “Realized God in poor people’s smiles”