Experiential Learning Zones



The Effective Communications Zone also referred to as the Language Lab, provides the infrastructure, resources, facilities, and the support system for language teaching and learning. It includes individual acoustic rooms with equipment that provides every student with a console to listen to a native speakers voice, record his/her own voice, compare it with the speaker's voice and practice and improve spoken language skills.
Taking the students through progressive levels – Basic, Fluent, Confidence, Command and Excellence, the lab ensures mastery of various aspects of the language including pronunciation, intonation, modulation, removal of mother tongue influence, vocabulary building, listening, reading, comprehension and communication. In conjunction with the Personality Development Centre, the language lab ensures that students become confident and proficient in communicating effectively in social and business environments.


  • Experience, record review one’s own presentations
  • Participate in peer review
  • Press conference experience
  • Face interview questions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Address an audience
  • Face ad-hoc questions from audience
  • Stage fear elimination
  • Group Discussions
  • Collaborative activities
  • Team building games and exercises



The Technology Visualization Center provides an environment where students can see and get an in-depth understanding of various Engineering Components, Equipment and Processes.

Interactive surface that enables visualization of technology help in understanding the fundamental concepts in greater detail and in a realistic manner.


  • Fundamental Physical and Chemical Concepts
  • Electrical Components
  • Mechanical Components
  • Engineering Materials
  • Integrated Circuits


  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Cooling Equipment
  • Engines & Transmissions
  • Suspensions
  • Chemical Reactors
  • Computers


  • Thermal and fluid dynamics in heat moving equipment
  • Thermal energy to work conversions in automobiles and air-craft propulsion
  • Electrical Power Generation and Distribution
  • Bridge and Dam Constructions
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment Plants


Equipped with the latest accounting packages and finance tools, the Finance and Money Centre (Accounting and Finance Lab) provides students with access to real-time and historical Financial Accounting Records, Macro- And Micro-economic Data to conduct research and complete projects and assignments.

Students learn where to find information, and how to use best-of-class products to retrieve that information, increasing their understanding of financial instruments and markets.

  • Access to the Top Investment Analysis platforms and financial simulation platforms
  • Foreign Exchange and derivatives
  • International Stock Market follow up and analysis
  • Build and test Investment Portfolios using professional software packages.
  • Retrieve and use information from corporate databases like CMIE, Capitaline and RBI for projects
  • Hands on experience with Tally, Oracle Financial Management, SAP Finance Module and payroll software packages
  • Prepare Balance Sheets, Cash Flow and Income Statements
  • Simulated experience of filling statutory items like central excise, sales, PF, VAT, ESI, TDS, income and corporate tax returns
  • Review and analysis of published corporate annual reports and quarterly financial results of public companies
  • Understand debt ratios, sensitivity analysis, net-worth calculations, ROI, ROE etc.


exec_1 The Executive Business Center provides an environment to students to practice and enhance professional traits in areas including sales and marketing, customer relationships, presentations and business etiquette. Groups of students will engage in the following activities as part of this lab:

  • Board Meetings
  • Role Plays
  • Strategic Decision Making Process
  • Conduct Business Transactions
  • Leadership Experience