The TIPSGLOBAL Institute campus lies on a beautiful site, spread over 8 acres of land with landscaped areas and lush greenery. Laying great emphasis on the quality of student life on campus, TIPSGLOBAL combines elegant buildings and facilities amidst over 2000 trees and provides all amenities required for students during their course of study. At the heart of the campus is the Academic Centre, which houses Lecture Theatres, Technology Labs, Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and a Convention Centre.

Multi-Media Lecture Theatres

The lecture theatres at TIPSGLOBAL are equipped with a broadband communications network, which ensures global connectivity. Students can interact with faculty, industrial leaders and other students anywhere in the world through computerized video links. Presentation equipment including projectors, LCDs, computers, wireless headsets and touch pad systems, fixed cameras, video-conferencing setups and flexible seating configurations make the learning process of our students interactive and enjoyable.


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC), also known as the library, towers to the right of the Academic Centre. Students have direct access to various printed and electronic information resources in the LRC.Access to subscription databases, e-journals and ebooks are provided to students through several workstations placed at the LRC. The open plan design of the interior of the LRC provides attractive and light working spaces for students.

3-Star Residential Accommodation

Individual accommodation is available for students who wish to stay on campus during their course of study at TIPSGLOBAL. The 3-star equivalent rooms are laid out as multiple residential areas that are in close proximity to the lecture theatres, labs, LRC and the dining facility. Designed for individual stay with a suite of electronic equipment the rooms are air conditioned and well furnished. They are spacious and airy with a full view of the lush greenery outside. The separate facilities for boys and girls, caring residential managers, tight security and the 24-hour power backup ensure a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on their academics without compromising their social life.

Multi-Cuisine Food

Located very close to the hostel blocks, TIPSGLOBAL's on campus kitchen and dining facility provides multi-cuisine food choices to our students like Italian, Chinese and Indian. To promote healthy eating habits, our culinary team takes great care to provide balanced options in our dining facility.

Movie Theater and Video Games for Entertainment

The TIPSGLOBAL campus includes a movie theater with 3D Projection systems that is used for both education and entertainment. Also part of the campus is a video game arcade that gives our students an opportunity to unwind after a day of hard work.

Medical Support

TIPSGLOBAL has a full time medical staff and part time specialists in general medicine on premises. A team of qualified doctors is available on call to provide regular medical care to our students. In case of emergency, the student is immediately transported to a hospital via a college ambulance. TIPSGLOBAL has tied up with reputed hospitals that are in close proximity to the campus.