Field trip on 19th Feb, 2016,to Matrix Capital Advisors, Coimbatore.

Getting good returns from an investment is a dream for every investor. But it is very important to know how stock market works. Matrix Capital Advisors offer financial consultancy services for clients in areas covering share trading, mutual funds, commodities and life insurance. The company has accumulated rich experience in capital markets and provides a wide portfolio of savings and investment solutions. Matrix endeavors to provide professional consultancy services, in a cost-effective way to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Matrix professionals constantly monitor the demand and supply situations and after a meticulous analysis, generate an almost accurate plan for clients.

There are a variety of reasons why one may choose to buy mutual funds instead of individual stocks. The most common are that mutual funds offer diversification, convenience and lower costs. Mutual funds are safer compared to investing in shares. Mutual Funds are actually collection of stocks only but just because it’s a group of shares from different companies the characteristics are not very similar to that of shares. One can expect handsome returns from mutual funds if invested for a period of time. We cannot expect better returns on short term investments. Though investing in mutual funds does not guarantee the investments will increase in value over time, it's a way to avoid some of the complicated decision-making involved in investing in shares.

It was an educating experience about how financial consultants work and how the markets act.