Field trip on 24th Feb, 2016,to Srinivasa Textiles located at Mangalam, Tirupur.

Srinivasa Textiles is a small scale industry owned by Mr.Srinivasan and is located in Mangalam near Tirupur on a sprawling 4 .5 acres with a built up area of 12000 sq feet.


The machines that are used to wind quill are called “quillers” or pirn winding machines. These machines are automatic. The basic unit consists of spindles. The dimension of the pirn is governed by the dimension of the shuttle. Winding of a quill is different from the regular winding process. In quilling, the yarn is transferred from a larger package to the smaller quill.


Weaving is the most basic process in which two different sets of yarns or threads are interlaced with each other to form a fabric or cloth. One of these sets is called warp which is the lengthwise yarn running from the back to the front of the loom. The other set of crosswise yarns are the fillings which are called the weft. The warps form the basic structure of fabrics. As such, they are made to pass through many operations before actual weaving is done. Since the warp is held under high tension during the entire process of weaving the warp yarn must be strong. The filling yarns (weft) experience less strain during the weaving process. Their preparation includes spinning them to the required size and giving them just the right amount of twist desired for the kind of fabric they will be used.

With nearly 50 conventional looms Srinivasa Textiles produces only plain fabric which is mainly used for producing petticoats, bed spreads, furnishing etc. Production per month is one lakh meter. The raw material is sourced mainly from Vellakovil and Erode.

It was an interesting trip and was a real eye opener as now we have machines that are doing what we used to do manually.