Field trip to Government High School, Ponnekoundanpudhur, Coimbatore on 19 Nov

The visit to government high school was a community work. The school has still 10th standard. The infrastructure of the school was too old and has to be rebuilt. The school has a large playground and Futsal court for the students.

The main motive of this field trip was to show the value of social service and to realize the importance of education in government schools. Students were instructed to handle section for 6th grade students. There were 30 students in the class and all were seated three in a row. We started with a concept of friendship.

The importance of selecting good friends in school life was portrayed by choosing best friends of the 6th grade students. The students were supposed to tell their best friend likes and dislikes. This showed how much they know about each other in time.
We explained the importance of selecting good friends and helping them in difficult times through this activity. All students who came forward were motivated with chocolate and hand claps.

Few other games were conducted for the students to cheer them up like memory game and Chinese whispers. For these games, marks were allocated to all 4 teams. The memory game and Chinese whisper showed the importance of concentration in studies to them. Students from TIPSGLOBAL also explained the importance of having vision and ambition for the future through an activity. Every one of us was surprised to know the ambition of the students as it was very common one-police.

The students were thought three crafts such as pen stand, paper bag and cup flower. Some of the students also came forward to dance and sing. Finally, we distributed chocolates to them.

The session was quite interesting as we were supposed to teach them. Moreover, students realized the value of a selfless service.

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