Field trip to Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) on 20 Nov

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) is India’s largest textile machinery which is a public sector. Their net income is 2.20 billion. There were totally 3000 laborers and 1000 labors working per shift. LMW follows stringent security system and they have banned existence of mobile phones inside factory. LMW has 60% market share in the domestic Textile Spinning Machinery Industry. The only company in Asia outside Europe to manufacture OE products for Microns LMW. The machineries we noticed were all Germans made they were fully automated machines. The machineries in the plant would cost around 6-10 crores. We witnessed hi-tech machinery like the robotic hand and the laser cutting machinery. These machines were programed with the design patterns. They had quality checking sections which I liked the most. Students visit to LMW gave them a clear view about the process involved in their production layout. LMW is very specialized in their machinery. Students found this field trip very useful.