TIPSGLOBAL had organized a guest lecture by Mr. Raja Shanmugam on the topic ‘Export opportunities in various countries’ on 26th Apr, 2016 for the finance entrepreneurial students. The courses are designed in such a way that the best of speakers from diverse industries speak about various topics giving the students real time experience. The speaker, Mr. Raja Shanmugam is the Chairman of Warsaw International and also the leader of NIFT TEA.

If exports increase at a faster pace as compared to imports, nothing can stop an economy from being a developed one. On the other hand, the instability in exports can adversely affect the process of economic development.

The lecture summed up the growth of the hosiery industry and the reasons for the growth. The annual turnover of Tirupur textile industries is Rs. 35000 crore and the expected turnover in 2020 is Rs. 100000 crore. The hosiery hub of Tirupur has emerged the knitwear capital of India, contributing about 50 per cent of the total garment production of the country. The industry is witnessing robust growth as a majority of people now prefer ready-made garments in India as well as across the globe.

Stating that entrepreneurs must possess various interpersonal and language skills in order to survive in the industry, he dwelt at length about the importance of communication especially while dealing with international clients. He also stressed that to grow in this industry one should possess a high aptitude. The lecture was crisp and interesting and coming as it did from a person with a lot of experience in this industry it shed light to hone ones entrepreneurial skills.