Industry Feedback

Company/Industry 4th Dimensions Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Authority Architect Yasin
Students B.Divya Vikraha and R.A. Sachin Gowtham
Feedback THE TIPSGLOBAL Institute Provides its students an opportunity to live, study and thrive in the next generation knowledge hub for global education in India. Located in the serene and peaceful city of Coimbatore, Tips has managed to give its students a whole mixture of things, including quality of life, employment prospects and of course quality international Education, thereby evolving as an eminent international institution in India.
Integrated Entrepreneurship and interior Design Program , a 5 Year course was an interesting course to hear about having known the dynamics of both Entrepreneurship and Interior design.
We, 4th dimensions creations Pvt. Ltd., had two interns B.Divya Vikraha and R.A. Sachin Gowtham from THE TIPSGLOBAL iIstitute working with us from 5th July 2017 to 8th August 2017. During the above mentioned training period all necessary details for development of their skills and knowledge has been shared from our end, we hope their approach towards design and profound interest in Interior design has grown. We assure you that they are capable of managing things professionally, as they have learnt to become more responsible.
Company/Industry Daksha Fashion Studio LLP
Authority Mr.Kuruvilla
Student Greeshma Maria Sabastian
Feedback She the the capability to improve her talents. Best thing about the student is she observes the work and is trying to bring in her own creativity and apply the design
Year 2017
Authority Ms.Fancy Joseph
Student Georgy Mathew
Feedback Student was exposed to different financial product. He has awareness of shares, mutual funds and systematic investments methods etc. He is now aware of the branch operations.
Year 2017
Company/Industry Kongunad Hospital Pvt Ltd
Authority Dr.Sheela Priyadharshini
Students K.Roshina,S.kavya,S.shanthini,J.Jebila
Feedback Students were people oriented and were flexible. They have sound knowledge in the whole hospital administration and HRD were trained. Yes we would consider her back in the company because of her adaptability and attitude
Year 2017
Company/Industry Aauraa International
Authority Mr.Prakalathan
Student Adhavan.T.E
Feedback We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you to assign the student to do internship in our company. We observe that the field experience help a lot to learn the industrial process. Also ,this will help them to institute their activities upon completion of the study/course. In summary, internships help to create bridge between theory and application. We invite the students every year to do internship at Aauraa International.
Year 2017
Company/Industry Purple Crayon Studios
Authority Ms.Sindhu
Feedback She grasps the concepts and understands and reproduces it in a correct way. She has done a 2D planning for a house and that has come out very well. We would consider the student at this company again .
Year 2017
Company/Industry Women Center And Hospitals Private Limited
Authority Shruthy Francies-HR
Students Abhinandhini.R,Teerthika,Sowandarya.P.L
Feedback Very smart, obedient, punctual, quick in learning the process and excellent in presenting the report well disciplined. They have created blogs for our website and helped in redoing a part of our website. Their creativity will be a great asset to our organisation.
Year 2017
Company/Industry IMA Blood Bank
Authority Dr.Krithika
Students Brindha.S, Vishnupriya.S.M
Feedback Students were very active and they helped us in blood camps in various hospitals and villages. Now they have very good knowledge about blood groups and how it is identified and also they know the do’s and don’ts in planning for the blood donation. We are very happy to support TIPS in the future too.
Year 2016
Company/Industry Anurag Hospital
Authority Dr.TwinklePraveen
Students Mercian Christy.E, Meena.S
Feedback Students were quite disciplined and they were on time and they were not disturbing our work. They kept working on the tasks given to them. I really like the students. I am ready to help them in the future and they can contact me at any time.
Year 2016
Company/Industry Coimbatore Bone & Joint Hospital
Authority Mrs.CharulathaRavindran
Students Theerthika.P, Abinandhini.R
Feedback The students were punctual. It is good initiative by the management to send the students for the internship. It is very helpful for them to understand the procedures and management operations.
Year 2016
Company/Industry L&T
Authority Human Resource
Students Aishwarya.R., Devarun.B
Feedback The HR team is quite satisfied with the students performance. Aiswarya(2015 EF) has helped Finance Dept in getting ready for the audit & also worked on few tasks related to HR. She has stayed late many days to help the Finance team. Devarun (2015 TE) has worked for IT & HR teams..Mr.Sankar Narayanan and Mr.V N Prasad gave valuable inputs to the students and suggested to send senior Engineering students for the internships next year. Also the HR team is interested in arranging a placement drive for the final year students.
Year 2016
Company/Industry ICICI
Students Aravind.S and Sriharish.S.
Feedback I have had students from many colleges but this particular team was very co-operative and friendly during my interaction with them which made my training so simple in imparting the information about our products, execution and its merits. They were keen in asking questions in a friendly manner related to their subject and its functions as to how it can be resolved and specially our staff were acclimatized with the students. It was like they were a part of the organisation. I wish them all success in their career.
Year 2016
Students Ashwin Sreedhar.S.N and T.N.Akash
Feedback The training was given by Mr.Manas, Mr.Sivakumar,Ms. Mittu and Mr. Valan.. The feedback from my staff about the students is that they were quite involved in becoming aware of our products and they worked together with our staff and completed their project successfully . I would like to recruit such young talented entrepreneurs in future . Wish them good luck.
Year 2016
Company/Industry NIMBLE WIRELESS
Authority Mr.RAM- MANAGER
Students Annamalai.A.O. and Dakshin.S.
Feedback I was really comfortable with the students behaviour and their interest in gathering information related to their area of interest . And almost completed their days work allotted to them and made it lively through out their internship. I was giving them all the information that they were seeking. They showed lot of interest in knowing about our organisation and the products we deal with and what we do in each and every department. We wish them success in their future assignments.
Year 2016
Student Vishnu Agilesh.J.K
Feedback He (vishnuagilesh) was left under my guidance during his internship in our company . He is a very active student and was getting all information since our products are related to electronics. He went through our site of manufacturing and gathered information to the best. I wish him good luck for his future. We would like to encourage students for internship, which will help them become trained employees for the future.
Year 2016
Company/Industry TATA MOTORS Chennai
Students Gokul Prabhu,Balaji and Hari Krishnaraj
Feedback I had a good set of students, very intelligent for they were interacting with all the departments, especially in the service and spares division . They used to listen to our way of dealing with customers and their queries. Mr Charles gave us the opportunity to train some good students and we are happy with their performance and their involvement during the internship. We wish them good luck.
Year 2016