Pradeep Yuvaraj explained the importance of effective presentations in a workshop on 29 Oct

Pradeep Yuvaraj from Prezantim presentation design service explained “How To Make Effective Presentation” in a workshop with an aim to put more stress on importance on presentation for entrepreneurs. This is a follow up session for the Interpersonal skills guest lecture attended by the TIPSGLOBAL Students. Mr. Pradeep Yuvaraj explained how we can make presentations more effective. Initially to prepare a presentation we should collect information beyond one. For preparing one slide we should gather minimum 30 information’s. By removing unwanted part we can cut short it into one slide. It is must to keep note pads and tissue paper to note finer points. The content of the slide should reach audience within 3 minutes. So that the audience listen to the explanation given by the presenter. He named this as the 3 minute rule. The slide should not contain words because it is the work of presenter to explain. The slides should contain relevant pictures. Graphs can be in the normal bar graph, no need to use pie chart or three dimensional images.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Communication plays a vital role in presentation to convey the whole idea of the presenter. The standard of the audience also matters. The presentation should be prepared according to whom we were going to present it. The presenter should be able to clear all the doubts of listeners regarding presentation. He described the unwanted things that take part in presentation as noises. The noises should not disturb the content of the presentation. The voice level and tone also important. We should give stress by our voice to important information which make the listeners alert. Even body language and hand actions were needed to make listeners alert.

IMPORTANCE OF VISUALIZATION: Though the content was explained by a presenter, visualization makes the presentation more effective. So presenter should make the session more interesting by visualization. The presenter should question himself about what should be in the mind of listeners about his session even after long time. This will help the presenter to make clear slides about the concept. Mr. Pradeep Yuvaraj explained this effect of visualization by playing a small mind game. The workshop was so interactive and informative. I got a clear idea about how a presentation should be. In addition to that, he also emphasized that the presentation should not kill the listeners. It should make the listeners gain something regarding the presentation.
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