Students get into clean the campus extension activity in TIPS Tech, Coimbatore campus on 16 Nov

Students as a part of extension activities, had an opportunity to clean their campus. We split ourselves into little groups and cleaned our campus. Students started cleaning our own rooms in the hostel. We arranged our cots, and put our stuff in the appropriate places. We swept inside our rooms first, and mopped the floors. And we swept and mopped both 1st and 2nd floors of the hostel. Students then went to the dining area, and put all the utensils in their places. All the kitchen staff helped us in cleaning the area. Then we went to the dress washing area and folded our clothes which had been kept for folding. Finally, we went to the library and helped the librarian by arranging books on the shelves. Students had a satisfaction that we have done something for the environment by cleaning our campus. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity and felt some responsibility for the environment.