Students watch a French Movie “Sans Dessein” on 21 Sept 2015

Lost Cause (Sans Dessein) (2009) is an offbeat French Canadian comedy that mixes slapstick, vulgar and completely original types of humor. This movie received the prestigious award “The Best Local Movie”for 2009. The protagonist of the movie is Paul (Steeve Leonard) and the heroine of the movie is MARTIN A LACELLE. Paul (Steeve Leonard) is a thirty-something slacker who stumbles through life doing as little as possible. He is content enough to live alone in an apartment where nothing has been unpacked and to work as a janitor, watching miscellaneous how-to videos in his spare time. He is visited by a ghost who turns out to be his future self, who inhabits various objects, including a mop and an old sock, which creates many opportunities for the slapstick humor. The ghost, who causes him to lose his job by knocking over his boss’s Eiffel Tower sculpture, informs him that if he doesn’t change his ways he will die a particularly humiliating death in his own bathroom. For a lighthearted comedy, Lost Cause is rather complex and quite long (just under 2 hours, but seems longer). Paul must choose between two love interests, a woman with whom he had a crush on in elementary school (Julie Tetreault), who is obsessed with (what she thinks are) his telekinetic powers and a quirky neighbor (Caroline Labreche, who co-directed it along with Leonard). Although the plot takes various silly twists, it’s a series of funny, sometimes touching and sometimes tedious scenes.