There are various exciting & entertaining courses all around the world, but nothing as exotic as health care & entrepreneurship course. I always dreamt of venturing in to a unique , one in thousand career option as i want to make the best of my life in learning & exploring the unexplored. The Various aspect of the course as to the curriculum with interesting & challenging variety of subjects are an attractive package one can hardly resist..

While searching for the right program i knew it was imperative for me to find a program that not only facilitated my less essential needs but to also find a program that can provide me with the necessary educational tools & resources to achieve the goals, that i have set for myself.

I was basically of a notion to do one of the courses from the following:

  • Genetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospital Management
  • MBA/ HRM.

I ever expect such a stroke of luck to cross me by, which gives me an equal chance of studying all of them and excelling in them. I thought this course was TAILOR Made for me! So, I want to make the best use of this kind of opportunity that your prestigious institute offers.

Architect Yasin, 4th Dimensions Creations Pvt. Ltd.

THE TIPSGLOBAL Institute Provides its students an opportunity to live, study and thrive in the next generation knowledge hub for global education in India. Located in the serene and peaceful city of Coimbatore, Tips has managed to give its students a whole mixture of things, including quality of life, employment prospects and of course quality international Education, thereby evolving as an eminent international institution in India.

Integrated Entrepreneurship and interior Design Program , a 5 Year course was an interesting course to hear about having known the dynamics of both Entrepreneurship and Interior design.

We, 4th dimensions creations Pvt. Ltd., had two interns B.Divya Vikraha and R.A. Sachin Gowtham from THE TIPSGLOBAL iIstitute working with us from 5th July 2017 to 8th August 2017. During the above mentioned training period all necessary details for development of their skills and knowledge has been shared from our end, we hope their approach towards design and profound interest in Interior design has grown. We assure you that they are capable of managing things professionally, as they have learnt to become more responsible.

Ms.Judith (M/o Roshan Antony Xavier)

I would like to thank THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE and its faculty for bringing out my son’s best, his competencies and talents by giving him opportunities which are not easily available in other colleges. I appreciate the individual attention given to him which has enabled him to develop his confidence and come out with flying colors. I am sure this journey of 5 years in this esteemed institution will help him to face the world as a successful entrepreneur.

O.R.Preethika, The Indian Public School, Erode.

Personally i always strive to become business women & dreamt of being as one of the prominent members of MAKE IN INDIA program. In this fast world, narrow business ideas do not help in the long run, therefore technically updating business strategies & keeping it in line with the advancements is the intellectual way of describing business of 21st century.

Thereby technical entrepreneurship modules at the TIPS Global Institute cater to my ideas & would help me prove myself in a better way to the world.

Mercian Christy, Bharthi Vidya Bhavan, Erode.

TIPS Global Institute offers world class education & very friendly atmosphere. It helps me to gain the quality education. It will help me to be a leader in what i want to do in future. I always wanted to do something different & unique from others. This institute helps me to do it.

Infant Sam Christian, MCC Hr.Sec.School, Chennai

Just as everyone was looking for the college that most aptly fitted their definition of a “Perfect college”, I was looking for mine. My search for the perfect college led me to some institutes which are famed for their ingenuity. But sadly none of them were adequate.

When I was about to lose hope, I was introduced to THE TIPA GLOBAL INSTITUTE by my wonderful school. I was flabbergasted that the college was the most impeccable college, which, just as I had hoped, was able to fulfil my prerequisites

From Current Student – Sibhi M

The moment I heard about The TIPSGlobal Institute I knew this is where I am meant to be. The college provides an excellent educational system where the student can interact freely with the professors and actually learn something useful that will help them in life. The campus looks extraordinary and provides an environment where students can feel right at home. My experience has been wonderful so far and I don’t see it changing any time soon.