TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE organized a student’s visit to TRN Careers is a HR Consultancy firm of repute. An efficiently run human resources company can provide an organization, its most valuable resources -- its employees. The success of recruiters and employment specialists generally is measured by the number of positions they fill and the time it takes to fill those positions. In small businesses without a dedicated HR department, it's possible to achieve the same level of efficiency and workforce management through outsourcing HR functions.
Companies, have plenty of methods to hire people. It could be through database, referrals, advertisements, job portals and recruitment consultants. In most cases, using human resource outsourcing to handle different aspects of business will be much cheaper than adding new employees to the HR department would be.
The recruitment process starts with a job analysis. This is followed by sourcing, screening, selection process and placing them on the board. Reference checks and thorough vetting of the candidate takes place since the reputation of the consultant is at stake.

If the person suggested by the consultancy is rejected within a period of three months after joining, the consultancy is liable to repay the amount back to the company or find a new person suitable for that position as the case may be. Having a tie up with portals like Naukri helps TRN Careers acquire talent for their clients.

It was an interesting visit as it threw light on the recruitment process involved.